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Largest Employers

Howmet Aerospace (formerly Arconic) 

Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA

Product: titanium for commercial aerospace and defense

Employment: 30

Facility Size: 300,000 sf

Union Status: none

Serving Airbus from Martinsville: Howmet Aerospace produces quality titanium to meet stringent supplier certification for Airbus. This product is utilized in Airbus passenger jets. The forging, grinding and hot-rolling process is world-class. At full capacity, Howmet Aerospace forging facility can produce up to 14 million pounds of product annually. The process that occurs at Howmet Aerospace starts with raw materials that are melted into an ingot and delivered to the Martinsville plant. The ingot is heated and a forging press then forces it into shapes, such as circles or squares. The surfaces of those pieces are ground in another part of the plant, and in some cases, they may go back to the forging area for more processing.

Hardide Coatings

Headquarters: Oxfordshire, U.K.

Product: advanced tungsten carbide-based coatings

Employment: 29

Facility Size: 26,000 sf

Union Status: none

Why Martinsville?  "It's a community that supports advanced manufacturing and will provide us with an environment from which we can form our existing and projected customer base in North America," said Philip Kirkham, Hardide Coatings CEO.  The new Hardide facility serves existing and new customers in the oil and gas, aerospace, flow control, and advanced engineering markets.